REVIEW: Ice Prince – Everybody Loves Ice Prince



1. Remember (7/10)
This is a pretty good intro. From the start you can tell it’s a good soulful type beat with excellent production. Ice Prince goes on to give props not just to the Nigerian Hip Hop artists but also the whole music industry. Pretty respectable and commendable thing to do. That is a breakaway from the usual short and forgettable intros; you would definitely be tempted to play this again.

2. Juju (8/10)
Pretty good song, i can see people nodding to this already. Ice Prince hits out at those that seek his downfall. ‘Fake’ Friends also get their share of his boot whilst he hollers “somebody pray for me” in the hook, more like a cry for help from the haters. This has potential to be a banger.

3. Superstar (8/10)
This is the second single from the album. A damn good radio friendly song. The party/club would rock with the jam too. Take nothing away from Jagz produced beats.

4.Magician ft YungL & J-Milla (6/10)
Another song i believe is meant for the radio. Magician is laced with a good ragga beat and is designed to be a love song. He hails his ‘love’ and expresses his desire to her. I can see many loving this although it’s not a very spectacular track.

5.Baby (4/10)
This is a bad attempt at making a high life song as Ice Prince is almost non-existent and we have a good beat and a hook. This is another love song where he sings praises of his ‘baby’. The lyrics are well below par.

6.Olofofo ft Wizkid (5/10)
The beat on here is pretty flat and uninspired. Wizkid gets his slot on this album and does justice to it as he does help this song a little as Ice Prince attempt at rapping here didn’t cut it. Wizkid is on here to sing the hook and Ice Prince felt the need to sing an additional hook. Poor song.

7.See myself (5/10)
I am not sure what to expect from a song where (I think I see myself is repeated from the start for 1:10min). After the awkward ‘I think i see myself recitation’, Ice Prince drops very average bars, which i dare say are the best on the album so far, but that still doesn’t save this song as the chorus is very very poor “i think i see myself”.

8.Wassup Wassup ft 2Face Idibia (4/10)
A 2Face Idibia feature makes me more optimistic considering my disappointment thus far but don’t get your hopes so high because this is another poor song. Judged as a rap song or r&b this is a very poor song.

9.Oleku ft Brymo (9/10)
The Street Anthem Oleku should have been heard by all. This was the first single from the album and got a lot of buzz. The Brymo provided hook did a lot of wonders for this song, Brymo and IcePrince. This is a radio friendly song that works very very well.

10.Find You (8/10)
This is an emotional song where he reflects on the loss of his parents. You can’t help but like this song and appreciate your parents if they’re still alive. Most touching part gotta be where Blessing Zamani (Ice Prince younger sister) talks over the beat. I like the laid back beat. So far one of the better songs on the album.

11.By this time ft Wizboyy(7/10)
Renewed hope that this album could at least be relevant, a blend of HipHop & Highlife. Ice Prince is not done with haters yet as he throws more shots. The song works pretty well with kudos going mostly to Wizboyy.

12.Somebody Lied.(6/10)
A beat you can actually nod to, but my complaint about Ice Prince Lyrics persists, and simply WEAK. I like the concept of the song though, as Ice tells his musical journey from Jos to Lagos encouraging upcoming acts too that although the journey is rumored to be rosy, it’s far from it. He goes calls out to upcoming acts not to believe the popular talk that you can’t make it, because you can.

13.Small Small ft Sean Toro(6/10)
An ok attempt at a Ragga type song. Lyrically weak performance from Ice Prince but he still gets to send his message across “You can do whatever you want despite those that want to bring you down”.

14.That Nigga ft Morrell (8/10)
Finding a core hip hop track has been extremely scare on this album. This song comes pretty close as Ice Prince improves on his lyrics on here. Morrell renders a very beautiful hook which almost overshadows Ice Prince Efforts. One of the finest songs on the album so far.

15. End of Story ft Samklef.(7/10)
I really like this song. He hits out at ‘Haters’ and also encourages others. A fine hook from Samklef only adds value to an already good track.

16. Rain Drops (6/10)
This is also an encouragement to upcoming acts, assuring them they can definitely make it to the top. Not a bad song at all.

17.Thank You ft Choc Boiz (5/10)
Bringing this album to a STOP is the traditional Choc boiz song. Jesse Jagz and Brymo were standouts in this song. M.I muffled his voice in a way that was just awful, he should never do that again at least on record except for his own amusement.

Final Word:
The much expected, much awaited, much Hyped Ice Prince debut album is finally here and it fails to meet the expectation of those yearning for a rap masterpiece from Mr. Ice.

Remember sets up this album to be a very good rap album, but it falls off. An outsider on listening to this would be confused as to what genre Ice Prince sings. The best song here is Oleku, For A song that’s supposed to be a rap album that doesn’t bode well. It would be a wrong to refer to this as a Rap Album as it’s populated with radio friendly R&B/Ragga/Highlife type songs.

The Album seemed to be setup for commercial “radio” success. Few of the tracks if any would achieve the “Hit status”. So if you were expecting a rap album, stay as far away from this album as you can as lyrically this is a very poor outing from Ice Prince. His line as mostly weak and searching for good punch lines are like the search for a needle in a haystack. If you want a commercial ‘rap’ album, this album is for you. RAP-HEADS, keep off!!

If you can get this on the streets for N150 you can jump on in.
Thinking of shelling out that $6.99? Hold out for a worthy album.
or you can get select tracks such as (That Nigga, Oleku, Superstar, Find You, Juju & by this time) from sites where you can purchase single tracks.