REVIEW: Eva Alordiah – The GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out)


RELEASE DATE: 11-20-11

Ok, the much awaited GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) EP is out. This is the debut Project from ‘highly rated’ Emcee Eva, Alright let’s get to business and see if ‘highly rated’ is a deserved tag.

1. Ehh (Garbage In) ft Xvol —- 8/10
This is a fine song, with excellent production. The beat on here is very nice. But Eva ain’t spitting i would expect, as i would want to. The song has a sexual undertone, but that takes nothing from this song, it’s not a bad song by any stretch. I would have expected something more serious and not some ‘sexual ‘song as the introduction to ‘her sound’ — Download

2. Hottie — 5/10
This sound like the part II of ‘Ehh ‘as it has same sexual undertone, where she’s saying “…dem say i’m hot…” and about u licking her, this song falls flat for me, sorry. It could probably tickle a couple people, and no isn’t not a rap song, she’s singing once again. So two tracks into a debut EP with sexual songs, this doesn’t give me hope for the rest of the EP. — Download

3. High — 5/10
This is an ok song, not a memorable one though. — Download

4. Skit — Crazy (SauceKid Skit) — Funny! — Download

5. Crazy ft Saucekid — 7/10
Probably the first thing you notice here is the beat; it’s a fine fine beat. This song is closer to what I expected from this EP, rapping. Sauce Kid goes in, dropping some good bars “For Heaven’s sake, you should know I’m sick as hell” And the whole “Yaba left o..” was quite hilarious. Eva does spitting of her own too, with some fine bar. It’s not a very serious track but it gets a pass from me, you would want to play this again. SICK BEAT!! — Download

6. I done did it — 8.5
Her first official single of the EP, this got rave reviews from critics and lovers alike. What more can i say, this is a very good track, so far the best on the EP. She drops very good bars on here “Yeah I spit truth/ See my nose/ No Pinnochio”. “say you’re the winner?/ baby i aint seeing trophies” How can i forget the beat, Sossick Kills every inch of it. This track has got high replay value. — Download

7. Never Say Goodbye — 6.5
This is a mellow track. Beats isn’t spectacular, but this track is ok. — Download

8, Down Low ft Shank — 7.5
A dancehall track over a fine ragga type beat. Eva shows her more fun side on this track. Shank didn’t really bring much to the table but that doesn’t take anything from this song as it still rocks. It’s definitely a fun song that would rock the party/club. — Download

9. Your Fada (Garbage Out) — 6.5
This is simply a hilarious track. Although it lacks content, it’s a fun way to end the Project. GIGO didn’t end up as the “Hip Hop” masterpiece as expected. To be honest it’s not even close, it’s not a Hip Hop Project. In the GIGO Intro video, she says this “GIGO” is her sound, and the part she intends to tow, Sounds to me like it’s the Drake route, and maybe a more diluted version. She’s been compared to the best of the best male and female. A 1st time listener would brand her a singer, because that’s what this EP tells you. You don’t listen to this and Say, Eva is a lyricist, The earlier songs I heard from Eva, Relentless and Underrated with ID Cabasa shows the lyrical side of Eva, A couple features e.g her feature on Show Dem Camp album, where she holds her own along her colleagues shows a side i would have loved to see all through this project .Well, It wasn’t to be, and we end up GIGO. — Download

As a rap/hip hop project, GIGO is a failure,
But if it’s judged for what it is, it’s a pretty ok EP. (7/10)
The Project is free and you can get it off HERE
For a Free Project you can’t complain.