REVIEW: Olamide – YBNL (Yahoo Boy No Laptop)


RELEASE DATE: 11/12/2012

Money: 7.5/10 If Money is your motive and you’ve got an ambition to go get it, this track is yours, i can see hustlers waking up to this track. Don’t think it’s the best way to kick off an album but still digging it –

Fucking With Devil: 7.5/10 Dagrin is written all over this track, deep words, his delivery is insane. Something for his fans to relax & enjoy his lines. The production on this track is also a plus.

Lights in the Air ft Buckwyla: 7.5/10 I like the reggae feel to this track. These first couples of tracks are not doing justice to what this album really is, but you have to understand Yoruba to really get the message in this track it’s heavy. Buckwyla did justice on this track.

Jale: 8/10 You can definitely jam to this track, something to scatter the dance floor with, this track is too dope, his rhymes, the beat, the way he flowed with the beat. Its TOO dope. I love the Fuji + Hip Hop feel to it.

Voice of the Street: 8.5/10 I like the fact that he showed with this track that he can be versatile with it. He showed that he could deliver that M.I style rap with Yoruba. He is the voice of Yoruba Rap, he showed it with this track. Baba iya won!! “Eclipse flow nigga, mo s’osan doro” <=== One of the DOPEST Yoruba rap lines ive heard Panumo ft Davido: 8.5/10 I love this track, Even Davido did some major work on the hook & killed his part. I can see this track being Owambe No.1 record for a while; Brilliant music. Street Love ft Minus 2: 7.5/10 Dagrin on this track with Olamide will drive the streets crazy, Olamide is working his way to Dagrin's level. Give him a couple of years (if that much sef) and he would pass DaGrin. I like how he paid tribute to the streets that made him. Olamide is stamping his name in the Yoruba Rap book FOREVER. R.I.P Dagrin!!! Picture: 8.5/10 This track shows that Olamide spent time picking out his beats, the flow to this track is solid. His flow was not off beat one time;this is what a track is supposed sound like. this might not make it on a party mix-tape or dance floor but it will be on someone’s most played track only if you love music with content. Owotabua: 7/10 Olamide is a blessing to Yoruba Rap/Music lovers no doubt; superb tune. You need to understand Yoruba flow with this tune. Fuji House ft Dammy Krane: 7/10 - Average tune, expected more from Dammy Krane but Olamide on the other hand did his thing but could've done better. Ilefo illuminati: 8/10 Fresh off releasing Young Erikina another sick jam from Olamide he released this track, metaphors in Yoruba at it's best. This is Nigerian Hip Hop! Remember ft Kay Switch: 8/10 Kay Switch actually delivered on this track, he tried to keep up with Olamide. I actually was going to write of the track based on my opinion off Kay Switch previous singles but he did his thing, the hook is dope. Olamide did his thing again. The beat, the hook, the verses, the delivery, add all that together and u have one hot track. Nyarinya: 6/10 I like that the concept of this track, what I do not like is his decision to rap in English. Bro, let M.I and Iceprince do the English rap, stick to Yoruba rap. Not that his English is bad, but he struggled with the delivery of this track. Ewo Idi: 7.5/10 Banger Alert!!! Olamide is very versatile, while his mates in the industry are currently making alot of Azonto, Ethighi, Makossa bangers, he stepped out of his comfort zone on some HipHop club banger tune. Something girls can twerk to, i can see some Nigerian/African girls doing some serious work to. Stupid Love: 7/10 - Samklef did justice to this beat. Jesu O Kola: 8/10 An indigenous Yoruba hook. You gotta love this track if you understand Yoruba. There is no way you wont love this track, he brought a little bit of DaGrin flow with it, it's really hard not to compare Olamide's rap to Dagrin's because Dagrin is the best that ever did it and Olamide really worked his way up to that level. This is Yoruba rap. Emotional Blackmail ft Kidakudz: 7/10 I like the track because it is a diss track you can dance and relate to at the same time. Kidakudz could not keep up with the tempo Olamide set in this track, Kida needs to stop talking bout what he did when he was 15; kiddo get over it! International Local ft Tiwa Savage: 7.5/10 Tiwa Savage has delivered on the tracks she has been featured on lately. She ‘mavinated’ this track with her sweet voice. Olamide lyrics are not bad, the production is top notch. First of All: 8.5/10 I like this track because every time I hear it, I just want to Asonto, oh I mean Azonto. The beat, the hook, everything just blend mehn. I love it. Industreet (Cypher) ft Reminsisce & Base 1: I decided not to rate this track because I was earlier having an argument bout the 3 ppl on this track. Now let me comment on each of them, Base 1 should not be mentioned among the top 5 Yoruba rappers based on his verse on this track. Reminisce has ONLY one style of rap, I like him but he is no where on Olamide’s level. He speaks ‘Ijinle’ Yoruba but his flows are not anywhere close to Olamide’s. Overall good cypher! Overall: When I started listening to this album, I was convinced that Olamide is up there in the Yoruba Rap word, infact he is in the top 3 for me. Give him a couple more years and he would knock DaGrin off that top spot. He really did his homework on this album, most of the beats were on point, his features were great and his delivery and rhymes were solid. Of the 20 track over 70% are well thought out and mastered.