REVIEW: GodWon – No Days Off



In the absence of the ever exclusive Illegal Music II, Godwon who dropped his debut album: The Evolution last year, has graced our ears with new mix-tape [No Days Off], lets see how good this project is.

1. Intro:
An intro where Godwon just introduces the project.

2. Again (7.5/10):
You first notice the nice beat, and then the hook. this is a pretty good song, could displace some songs on his album, and yes, you’re going to dance to this. – Download

3. NeverSay No: (8.5/10):
This is a reflective song. I love the concept, had to repeat a couple times. He talks of addiction to everything (cigarette, alcohol,etc) and the effect it had on his life and his loved ones. nice start to the mixtape. – Download

4. She Likes Me ft Koffi, Lowkeyz & MSmooth (7/10):
This is another commercial song but it doesn’t fail, it rocks. It’s still a fine party/club tune, a song i think would have given his album more buzz didn’t like it at first listen, but it has grown on me. A sure club banger.- Download

5. Hausa (9/10):
Now we’re talking, i like everything about this song from the beat to the rhymes. Godwon lets the audience know he’s Boju and not Hausa although he hails from n reps Kaduna. he adorns this with his trademark multis. one of my favorite tunes on the album. – Download

6. Hollywood Boyz Skit: Just another un-memorable skit.

7. Remember Today (6.5):
Another commercial song that sounds pretty good, although not as good as the previous two party tunes, he seems to have a knack for making decent party tracks. – Download

8. Take Your Time (8/10):
I am a sucker for soulful beats, this gets me right from the start. Ah! and Godwon is rapping, he rides this beat so well. Had me smiling all through. He takes a moment to speak to those feeling down, that all things come through in due time. This is another good reflective song, this tune is worth your time. – Download

9. Sweet Lullaby (7/10):
The beat on here samples an Enya Tune. This is a love song and works so well. makes for good listening. – Download

10. Holy Spirit Freestyle (6.5/10):
Started pretty slow for me, liked it toward the end. decent song. – Download

11. I Go Call You (6/10):
An Ok song, not as depressing as the previous track as its pleasing to the ear. i’ll give this a pass mark.- Download

12. Pain (9/10):
Dope tune, how much do i need to add? Fine beat, dope rhymes, Godwon at his finest, you want to listen to this. download this already. – Download

13. Birthday ft Jamix (4/10):
The name Jamix on here made me excited by i was letdown when the voices came on. So far, the only below average tune. Godwon has done much better than this. – Download

14. Closer To My Dreams ft Goapele (7.5/10):
A soulful beat, with reflective lyrics. Goapele did good on the hook. A Song made in memory of an old mate: Devon. – Download

15. Goddy Speaks: As the title says , that’s him talking again like the Intro.- Download

16: Everything (6.5/10): Its short, but its a fine love song.- Download

17: Reggie B Drop: Another Skit by Reggie

18. 2012 ft DJ Jimmy Jatt, Terry The Rapman & Killz (7/10) :
This tune made it on the blogs last year (2011) and was loved by Many. Terry starts of the song, dropping bars including the one that would remain on people’s lips: The First lady needs to loose weight, tell her to exercise a little Patience. I like Killz but he didn’t do well on here. Godwon came through with fine rhymes. All in all, this is a pretty good song. – Download

19: Last Call (5/10): I guess the idea was cool, but it didn’t work out so well. i didn’t really like this song. – Download

20: Outro: Godwon speaking again. He Gives shoutouts to everyone.

21: Rip The Flo (4.5/10): Pretty Noisy Song, Goddy not a good way to end this project.Well..- .Download

I used to be a strong Godwon Critic,loved him on some features, felt he just didnt come through on others, his album didn’t do him much good either, i think it was a very average project, but “No Days Off – The Mixtape” makes me rethink that from start to finish, your ears are entertained by Godwon’s smooth flow and plenty multis

No Days Off – The Mixtape is an introspective project, it reads like a script of his life, where he voices his regrets,addictions, lost loved ones, and how me got past the pain.

I’ve listened to a couple of Godwon features where his voice aint so clear, he did a good work of making it pretty clear on this project. This is a very decent project. He has a good ear for fine beats too. the hooks weren’t exactly dope, but this project still comes through as a very good one.

Compared to recent projects, Godwon can stand tall with this project.

if you’re stuck on Punchline rap, stay clear of this project, you aint gonna like it, If you’re open to other rap styles, Please download and listen to this mixtape. HERE

– Ambrose Chinedu

Fav Songs: Pain, Hausa, Never Say No, Take Your Time, Again