REVIEW: 2face Idibia – Away & Beyond


RELEASE DATE: 4/29/2012

1.Higher (Spritual) : 9/10 – I like how this track starts; this is one of those tracks you listen to when meditating or you want to be in your own zone. The lyrics talk about what most of us go through. You should be able to relate to this track unless u are NOT human. The beat is also on point. I give this track a 9.

2.Omo T’osan : 8.5/10 – One of the songs you can use to set P and trust me, the sharp guys amongst you should be able to pick lines from this track. The beat is nice but the message is even better. I can’t help but to give this track an 8.5 because it’s not a party song neither is it a meditating song but u can help but love it.

3. Spell Bound : 9/10 – As you should already know 2baba makes the best long songs outta naija. I like the reggae feel to this, I see guys bumping to this while getting freaky. Just like the previous songs on this album, this is also about a girl’s effect on a guy. I give this track a 9, the reggae feel makes it a JAM for me. One of my favorite tracks on this album.

4. Steady Steady : 9/10 – What makes this song special is that it talks to the hustler in us, he packaged the message so perfect that you just dance your worries away while listening to this song. I love the hook. Steady always win the race, so hustle but with that lil bit of steadiness to it. This is a 9 in my books.

5. Bother You ft Terry Tha Rapman: 8/10 – I love this song because I know some1 he was talking to with this song. This message in this song is so powerful because everyone of us has been through this at some point in our life. Don’t believe what people say, who cares as long as you are happy doing what you doing. Believe and Trust because gbeboruns will always talk. M.I would have done a better job with the rap but Terry was not bad. I give this track an 8 just cause of the rap. It was not on the same level as 2baba’s flow.

6. Dance in the Rain: 8/10 – The beat made the song for me. Even though with every of 2face’s song I listen to the track, but the beat kept talking to me. Dance your sorrows away with this track while sitting in the rain LOL. This gets an 8 in my books.

7.In Your Face: 8/10 – This track reminds me Alicia Keys probably because of the Piano playing in the background, I like how he was talking in the song, feels like he is “acapellaing” and then the beat picks up. I like the 2Face Luther King speech he did. I give this track an 8 also.

8. Freedom is Free: 9/10 – The beat is MAD, and this reminds me of the 2baba we fell in love with years ago, I like how he took us back , I feel like he is talking of the present/future using his past style of singing. Past to talk of the present and future, get it? Well if u don’t, just listen to the track please. This is a 9 in my book.

9. Rainbow: 10 – This is my best track on this album. This is just a jam, not a party song but a song that carries such a huge message in it and then he adds this lil reggae feel to it. I know some of you would feel he read about your life and then wrote this track, the message is POWERFUL. This sure is a 10. Accept my apologies if you know like my score for this track

10. Dance Floor: 9.5/10 – Another track I feel M.I would have done great on because this is talking about the killings and all the bombings but with a party feel to it, and as we all know M.I also dedicates a track on his album to Jos and all the killings and fighting going on in Nigeria. This is a 9.5 because I like how he turned the world to a dance floor and you can’t help but want to dance. Making world a better place is the message in this track.

11. Keep Pushing : 8/10 – This track is an 8 in my books. He talked to everyone on this track………Will you keep pushing abi u no wan chop well well?

12. Ihe Neme: 8/10 – Thanking his fans, also tells you all that there is more, No time for story, get ready because he is definitely not stopping.

13. Bad Man, Bad Girl ft Becca: 9/10 – This track is for all yo Bonnie and Clydes out there. Becca killed this track, professing her love for her man. I love how the tempo of the song goes up and down too. 2baba delivered as usual, this is a 9 in my book. Goan find your bad man/girl and sing this song to him/her. Profess your love before its too late.

14. O.N.O (Omo No Dulling) ft Dammy Krane and Rocksteady: 10 – This is definitely a party jam. When you put 2baba and Dammy Krane on a Track then Rocksteady in the middle, You could only get 1 result A BANGER….don’t sleep on bicycle on this, ask a dj to play at the next event you go to. This track is a 10 all day everyday. The summer just got hotter, grab that coke bottle body and drink abeg -_-

15. Chemical Reaction ft Naeto C: 8.5/10 – “Nutri C” or I mean Naeto did not do too bad on this track sha, it feels like im just hearing this track for the 1st time that’s how good the track is. I like how he redid the leaked version and put Naeto C on it. I like Naeto’s hypes in the track too, rap was not bad like said, track is 8.5.

This is one of the best albums out of Nigeria in at least 2years. I rate this album a 9, and before you take off your underwear and break bottle, please read the individual track review below. Now this is my rating, if you don’t it, you are deaf, hug transformer you might be able to hear well 2face is the best out of Nigeria, he isn’t bragging about the money he has or how many girls he screwed but spoke on Life & Reality.. Grab Your Copy!!

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-AMB Noni