REVIEW: Empire Mates State Of Mind – E.M.E


RELEASE DATE: 6/18/2012

1. Baddest Boy BankyW, Wizkid & Skales: 8/10
I did not like this track when I was initially leaked but when this version with Banky was released it changed my opinion about the track. The track is basic till Banky dropped his verse. This track would have been a 7 without Banky’s verse.

2. Get down tonight ft Wizkid, BankyW and Skales: 6/10
The Wizkid I fell in love with in 2011 would have murdered this beat but his delivery on this track was just blehhh. The beat is average and the lyric from all 3 is just “Aii”.

3. Sun mo mi Shaydee, Skales & BankyW: 8.5/10
Skales just keeps winning me over to his corner with his singing abilities, he seems to be a better singer than rapper so far, a lil work on his bars and it’s OVER. Shaydee and Banky on the other hand schooled the beat.. Justice!!

4. Hate ft BasketMouth – Funny Skit!!

5. Roll it ft Wizkid & Banky: 8.5/10
Weeezy on some Jamaician Ragga sh*t heavy delivery, He seem to have it together on this track, Banky coming on to add that big boy swag to the song just tips it over the edge a little bit more, and I mean that in a good way. This song will grow on you most definitely.

6.Find My Trouble ft BankyW, Skales and Shaydee: 6/10
I think this is one of the weakest tracks on this album. The beat is not all that, the lyrics is too basic.

7.Body ft Wizkid: 7.5/10
I like Wizkid beacause I know he is talented, and he has an awesome voice but him trying to sing all these reggae themed songs takes away his original style of music. Plus the lyrics are not catchy enough. The beat helped the song a bit. Don’t get me wrong brilliant music.

8. Ko Mo Le ft Skales: 8.5/10
I love this track; this track just reiterated my point that Skales is talented as all he did here is sing. If he can improve on his bars, I see him being considered one of the best “Nigeria’s Drake.”. Great Productions, better lyrics would make Ko Mo Le Jam for Life.

9. Dance BankyW ft XO Senavoe: 8.5/10
I like the way this track started off with the Techno/Soca beat feel to it. Banky sure put in work on this track. He was really creative with the lyrics, I don’t see it being a club banger but then again what do I know lol. All I can say about XO’s rap is, XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

10. Don’t Delay me ft Niyiola: 7.5
Niyiola’s voice is AMAZING, her lyrics here just didn’t do it for me.. Beautiful voice & delivery. I’ll give it a 7.5. I know she can do waaaaay better than that.

11. London Girl ft Wizkid: 8.5/10
Iyeyeye Wizkid is definitely on that Jamacian style tip, but I see this track being played in a lot of naija clubs and I see the track doing mad numbers in London I mean Nigerian music is moving faster than the speed of light (hehehe)… I Can see a lot of London girls relating to the song.

12. Hate Part 2 ft BasketMouth – Hilarious Skit!!!

13. Dance for me Wizkid: 8/10
I’d say Lovely track if 90% of the songs Wizkid has released this year did not have this theme. I feel like he freestyled on this track. The lyrics are below par; he has been repeating some of his lines too much. But at the same time if you don’t care about lyrics… Dance for me is your jam!! I’d blast it on my way to highness.

14. Follow Go House ft Skales, BankyW and Shaydee: 8.5/10
This track has that slow feel to it and the beat took me back to the days of 112 especially with the way Shaydee delivered his verse, he reminded me of Slim from 112. Even though Skales can sing, he is not made for this kinda beat. The track would have been better if it was just Banky and Shaydee. Shaydee showed signs of great things to come with his delivery on this track. Legit track!!

15. My Baby ft Skales: 7/10
I think Skales and EME used this track to just let us know that Wizkid is not the only weapon they have because Skales delivered perfectly on this track. This is something you would think Shaydee, Niyiola or Banky would have been on but Skales held his ground. Big ups 2 him.

16. Only you ft BankyW, Shaydee and Rotimi: 9/10
This is that Washing/Setting P song on this album. I love the delivery, the lyrics, the beat, Having Rotimi, Banky and Shaydee on the same track is sure to make the ladies wet their ‘pata’. One of the best on the album if not the best. #noarguement

17. Reppin’ EMEAZZyy Banky, Skales and Wizkid: 7.5/10
I love Wizkid’s delivery on this track he came original. What happened to Niyiola & Shaydee? they should be on this track too.

18. Wetin I Want ft Niyiola & Skales: 8.5/10
Niyiola sealed her place as the 1st Lady of EME with her delivery on this track. She outshined Skales, took him to class and things… She definitely made this track an 8.5.

19. Change: 9/10
BankyW delivered on this track, a track dedicated to Nigeria and I don’t think there is any1 in the naija music industry that could deliver this track the way he did, maybe 2face. The lyrics are on point and Niyiola on the chorus was just the right move. Shaydee was on point here too.

20. See my mama Wizkid, Shaydee & BankyW: 9/10
This song reminds me of Wizkid’s “I love my baby” song, so I think that’s why I like it. Now picture putting Banky and Shaydee on that Love my baby song, that’s what u have here. This track is lovely. It’s a 9 in my books. Something that will have the clubs on fire this already hot summer. Wizkid’s delivery here was ONPOINT.

21. Hate Part 3 ft Basketball – Funny Skitt

22. Can’t Stop Us- EME ALL Star: 8/10
Skales is multi-talented as he can sing and also rap, but him rapping on this track did not do it justice, his bars are weak. This track introduced Niyiola and Shaydee perfectly. XO did his thing, he came correct. He tipped the track to be at an 8 for me.

Being the 1st All star album out of EME’s camp it’s not bad at all, some of the songs were really nice while some were just blehhhh.

Banky W: Being the Head of EME, I feel he has done a great job assembling this team, he has focused more on wizkid thus not giving the rest of the crew equal attention (my Opinion, I could be wrong). He also needs to remind his fans that he is still the Banky W they fell in love with, what I mean by this is to drop 1 or 2 new singles.

Wizkid: Weeezy needs to cut down on the Jamo/Raggae theme and go back to the old Wizkid we fell in love with. His style of late has been repetitive, he has the voice, and he just needs his lyrics to be top notch he has the best producers producing for him so please do justice to the beat.

Skales: He needs to work on his bars if he really wants to be a rapper, as per singing he has proved himself. I think he is a better singer than a rapper so far. He could be a force to reckon with once his bars are ‘tighter’.

Shaydee & Niyiola: All I can say about this two is, Sky is their limit. His voice is unique as in one track he sounded like Slim and then switched it up in other tracks. With Banky’s help he should rise to greater heights. Niyiola is no doubt the 1st lady of this camp. Most female artistes should come learn from her.