REVIEW: eLDee – Undeniable


RELEASE DATE: 7/1/2012

Higher ft K9 & Sojay: 8.5/10
Track grew on me even though i didn’t like it at first. I like what he did with K9 and Sojay, he sure put them out there with this track.

Been There, Done That: 9/10
eLDee just used this track to show the world that you don’t need to be on everyone’s track to show that you are a BOSS. Who ever eLDee was taking jabs at should give up.. His delivery was totally amazing.. Superb Production!

Today Today: 9/10
Eldee’s versatility was made known with this track. He sure made everyone know that he is just not a rapper but he can sing as well. This has become the “Wedding Anthem” since it was released. Lyrics are on point, and the Video was def SOLID too.

Always: 9.99/10
I love how he featured his daughter here,The message in this track is powerful, the beat is MADT and what I like most about it is that you use this song to convey more than one message, he was dedicating this to his daughter, but u can also use it as a message to your babe, your family or loved ones. My best track on the album.

Rundown ft BankyW: 8/10
Banky and Eldee on the same track is sure to be a banger, Eldee’s verse is just ok, he can do better Banky on the other hand delivered his verse well.

Yeah i think we know by now eLDee is one of the biggest if not the biggest guy in the Nigerian music Industry.. Category is just another track stating that fact. i can see boys pop’ bottles in the club to Category while your haters watch you ball.#Bigtune

Wash Wash: 8.5/10
I like how he took the phrase “Wash wash” and turned it to a song, not too many artiste could do this. So many have tried but they failed.

Never let you go: 9.5/10
The beat of this song is CRAZYYYYYYY and he sure picked the right person to feature on it too. Wizkid murdered it. This will be a summer banger. I love the tempo of the track too, I see ppl burning the dance floor with this track, and Djs doing big things with it too. This is def a party jam, my 2nd favorite track on this album.

Zombie ft K9: 8/10 This track is Eldee’s attempt at doing an Azonto themed song. He also threw a little bit of Fela in there too I guess that’s where the “Zombie” title came from. I did not feel it as much as I did most of the other tracks.

We made it ft Sojay: 9.5/10 I love this outro as he summarized his journey throughout his career while thanking his fans. Lovely way of ending such a well worked on album. Sojay also delivered on this track, Watch out for this Sojay dude.


Undeniable is the real definition of Quality over Quantity, 11 solid tracks as against packing the album with 19 nonsense tracks as some artistes are known for. This album gets a B+ in my books. Follow tayotv and amb_noni for more reviews of naija albums and the newest singles as they drop.