REVIEW: Davido – Omo Baba Olowo ~ The Genesis [O.B.O]


RELEASE DATE: 7/16/2012

I know some of you will not agree with my opinion/review of this album but then again that’s why its my review and not yours. I kinda expected more from his freshman album but then again maybe I shouldn’t have. Judging by how every freshman album since Wizkid’s album have been on nothing but garbage after garbage (I said Freshman album not all albums). So here we go with the individual tracks.

All of You: 6/10 The only good thing about this track is the beat and the fact that he used 2baba’s style on the track. The track lacks content, i believe the first track on an album should make you want to listen to the rest of the album.

Back When: 8/10 This is the 1st track I ever heard Davido on and when I first heard it, I said oh this kid has a bright future in naija music industry. I mean the beat, the delivery and all that on this track was lovely especially for a teenager’s first track. I’m not a big fan of Naeto C’s raps but he did his thing on this track.

New Skul Tinz feat B-Red & Sina Rambo: 4/10 This is just USELESS. The lyrics, the beat, everything about it is just horrible. The fact that he now featured B-Red and Sina makes the track even worse, they would have been better using auto-tune on this track. I think my son can deliver a better rap what Sina Rambo did on this track (I’m the big fish in the water no catfish) #Pause :/

Video: 5/10 The beat used for this track is so BASIC and in my opinion when u have a basic beat, u should deliver on the content of the track. Very BASIC suntin. “Chop me like Oreo, ride me like a rodeo”???? Come on bro? Please i feel offended.

Ekuro: 7.5/10 I like this song as it has meaning and content. As in you can use it to confirm a P that u are setting. The chorus is nice and I like how the beat is a combination of various instruments. Lovely song, nice delivery too.

Down: 6/10 I believe the hook of a song plays a big part of making a song big and this track’s hook is just alight.

No Visa feat Sina Rambo: 4.5/10 The way the track started is just OFF, SIna Rambo should just stick to being Davido’s hype man and give up on rapping or go get an MSC lool. This song is just a waste of studio time and dollars. The beat, the lyrics, the delivery, the rap, in fact everything about the song is just below standard.

Enter the center feat B-Red: 4/10 I’m really trying to find a nice way of saying this track is crap and im coming up with nothing.

Dollars in the bank feat Kay Switch: 5/10 This is just like the other tracks except for maybe two where he did not talk about how much money he has and how everybody wants to be his friend. Kay Switch should have just ‘hmmmphed’ through the song.

Sade: 5/10 I gave him 5 on this track simply because he was trying to switch it up a bit but an F for his delivery. He should leave songs like this for the likes of Brymo, Asa and 2face.

Gbon Gbon: 5/10 Track started off sounding nice till he started singing. I actually like the beat and the 1st 24seconds of the track. I really don’t have anything good to say, I will just skip to the next one.

Feel Alright feat Ice Prince: 6/10 – OK

Mary Jane: 7/10 I was actually surprised that I like this song a lil bit, because after listening to the last few tracks I kinda gave up on the album but this track gave me a lil bit of hope. Davido is good with songs and beats like this. Nice track, lovely beat.

For You: 8/10 I like this track because it has a message to it, and the fact that 2face blessed the song (or is it me hearing things). 2baba delivered as usual and I guess him being on the track made Davido put in some work.

Overseas feat Sina Rambo: 7.5/10 I liked this track when it was 1st released and I still listen to it in my car. The beat is sick when listened to on some better quality speakers, Davido’s verse was nice but everytime I hear Sina Rambo’s rap… *SIGH*

Dami duro: 9/10 I cant deny that this was one of the biggest songs released last year, the kinda energy the song brings on the dance floor cant be rivaled. The beat, the lyrics, delivery, I mean the song is a SONG. This is what we want from Davido not New Skul tinz. This song will remain a jam for a year and a day from whenever u read this review.

Bless Me feat May D: 9/10 I love how he sampled R.Kelly and Nas’ “did u ever” song on this track. Song is dope and from what ive heard it seems to be everyone’s fav track on the cd, IDK if its cuz MayD is on the track but yeah Davido tried to keep up with MayD on the track.

So there u have it, I give the album a D-, blame it on others who released dope freshman albums. Ive always been a Davido fan but he has been all about im rich and all that. Sing better songs and u will even be richer, tap into that energy. He can definitely improve and release a better sophomore album, ive NOT written him off yet, he just needs to feature the right people and let Sina Rambo be the hype man he is good at.