REVIEW: BrymO – Son Of a Kapenta (SOAK)


RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2012

1986: 9.5/10 There is no better way to start an album than dedicating a track to your mother, BrymO did just that . This track is PHENOMENAL, I’ve heard tracks dedicated to Mothers but I’ve never heard anything like this. The beat is off the hook, I love how he broke down his childhood, how he was reluctant to run errands for his mum, yet she loved and cared for him, supported him, and encouraged him to follow his dream.

Akara: 8.5/10 This beat is SICK. He delivered on all angles on this track. His voice is heavenly. His lyrics, his delivery, the way he toasted whoever he was trying toast in this song is just insane. If you don’t speak Yoruba you wont get it get an interpreter for the sake of this song.

Ara: 9/10 This is unarguably one of his best tracks EVER. My son who doesn’t even understand/speak Yoruba LOVES this track and wants me to keep repeating, he knows the hook. The beat, the message, the hook, his voice, the delivery, the video, everything about the song is DOPE.

Go Hard: 8/10 I was disappointed when this track was released as a single, not because it’s a bad track but because it followed Ara and Good Morning. The beat of the track is lovely, the hook is catchy. I really don’t have nothing bad to say bout this track, its just not as good as the previously released singles.

Good Morning: 9.5/10 I don’t think there is anyone out there who listens to Naija music that doesn’t like this track. Its even my ringtone sef. Sing this track to your girlfriend and you are guaranteed some play even if its that time of the month lol. The track is mad, the hook is out of this world. the way he sang is just beautiful. This is what music is supposed to be, not all those nonsense they releasing in Nigeria now. I can go on writing good things about this track but I will stop here.

Life is too Short: 8.5/10 I love how he subbed haters with this track, if you understand Yoruba you will get what i’m saying. If you are looking for a song with message or content you have it in this track. The beat and the way he flowed to it is lovely.

If you were mine: 9/10 How can you not love Brymo? He is too versatile, I love how he slowed this track down, he is talking to the ladies here. His babe go enjoy die. He gave us that John Legend type of flow here.

Omoge Campus: 8.5/10 Here is another track dedicated to the ladies, I love how he is dedicating tracks with sense. Not talking about popping bottles and the kind of car he has. This track is lovely, Iya Mulika would not hesitate to give Mulika to Brymo after she listens to this track.

Your Love: 8/10 Listen to his delivery here and tell me how many Nigerian artistes can do what he did here without using auto tune. I like the Techno feel to it too and I don’t even like techno. It kinda sounded noisy towards the middle of the track but he still pulled it off.

Now Now ft Jesse Jagz: 8/10 As much as I love this track, I think Jesse Jagz did not do the track justice with his verse, he couldve done better; All the same the track isn’t bad.

Chocolate ft M.I, IcePrince, Pryse, Jesse Jagz: 8/10 This is my least favorite track but would pass as the best track on some other people’s whole album. I guess he had to dedicate a track to Chocolate City and also feature everyone at the label. He delivered his part awesomely, Pryse did good, sames goes for Jesse Jagz, M.I Abaga & Ice Prince.

See Me: 9/10 This dude is TALENTED. I think I’ve used up all the accolades allotted for each review already. Listen to the track not because you want to dance but just listen the message and you will feel the song.

If I said this was the most anticipated album of 2012, I think I would be right or very close to it. Asides from the fact that most of us Music fans had an issue with buying the album on Spinlet, there is nothing else bad about November 15,2012 ( the day the album was dropped). S/O to Chocolate city for keeping the album in a vault and not letting it leak, great Sophomore album for an artist that got tiny or no buzz for his freshman album.