REVIEW: D’Prince – Frenzy


RELEASE DATE: 11/5/2012

“I feel like Don Jazzy put in a lot of work on this album but Dprince did not do his part.” – Ayo (TayoTv Editor)

Bad Girls: 5.5/10 Nice beat but lyrically this song is crap. The song has something catchy about it but the message or whatever story he is trying to tell in this song didn’t add up.

African Zumba: 5/10 Is this suppose to be Nigeria’s response to Ghana’s Azonto? The beat used on this track is one of the best on the whole album but Dprince just messed it up when he started singing. I feel like Flavour N’abania would have done a better job with this beat.

Believe: 5/10 Nothing on this track even flows or gels asides from the beat.

Real G ft M.I: 5.5/10 Got excited seeing this track featured M.I but after I heard the hook, I was disappointed. D-PRINCE’S ATTEMPT AT RAP IS HORRIBLE; I THINK SINA RAMBO MIGHT HAVE SOMEONE HE IS BETTER THAN WHEN IT COMES TO RAPPING. M.I tried to bring this track back but it was too late. DOWNLOAD

Overdose ft YunBreed: 3/10 *Sigh*, is this an attempt at rapping or winning Rap Fans? This is just PATHETIC, the rap, the beat, the hook, THE WHOLE TRACK IS JUST WACK.

Shower 4/10 “Im heading back to the shower, Halleluyah” like really? I would like to know who sat down and wrote the lyrics to this track…… the rubbish on this track is MONUMENTAL.

Ife ft Tiwa Savage: 8/10 Good song, Tiwa Savage did justice to the beat, Kudos to Don Jazzy!!

By Myself: 7/10 I like the beat and the tempo of this track, the lyric is below par as it has been with all the rest of the tracks I’ve listened to.

Because of Love ft Bracket: 6.5/10 I don’t understand Igbo but he at least put in some effort on this track, could be better. You can tell the difference when u hear bracket’s verse compared to Dprince’s. The hook is better too, Bracket made the track.

Ojoro ft Wande Coal: 6.5/10 Brilliant track, D’Prince did his thing but i’d say Wande Coal delivered on this track, Kudos to spellz, great production.

Chant: 5.5/10 The title of this track is just perfect, That’s all he did here.

Amina: 6/10 Good beat,D’Prince needs a Ghost Writer!

Call Police: 7/10 Nice beat, Don Jazzy put in work on this album, I see this track causing small whahala on the dance floor. The beat definitely made this track. DOWNLOAD

Carry it up: 5/10 all Ive heard in this album is “Rose, women, money, booty” etc. can we at least have a track about whats really going on? Dedicate something to your fans, to the country, something we can relate to.

Thank You: 7/10

Get Some: 6/10 I really don’t get this track, the beat is ok tho. Something for big booty dancers/twerkers. Potential club banger if not already.

Goody Bag: 7.5/10 The hype around this track when it was released was so crazy, u would think Jayz was featured on it. It’s a catchy tune don’t get me wrong but that’s all that is to it. It lacks content. DOWNLOAD

Journey of a Thousand Miles: 7.5/10 The beat is mellow, thus making u really sit back and listen to the content of the track.

No More Sleeping on em: 6.5/10

Painting the town Red ft Wizkid: 7.5/10 I really was waiting for the track to end so I could listen to the next track and then Wizkid came on and added another 3points to my rating of this track, I love how the tempo of the track was increased when Wizkid came on.

Take Banana (remix): 7/10 I remember when I first heard this track, I said it was a nonsense track but it would be the one to do the best or one of the best on the “Mavin’s Album” when it was released. I really don’t see much of a difference between the original and this remix asides from the effizy at the end of the track. So im sticking with the same point I gave it on my review of “Mavin Activated”

Tortoise: 7.5/10 Well mastered, nice collabo.

This is an advanced “Nursery Rhyme” album. The lyrics were poorly written, and in most cases poorly delivered by Dprince. The album confused me because it wasn’t clear if he is a rapper or if he was tryna do R&B. 24 tracks to me is too much also, he could have split it up and spent more time on some of the tracks. The collabos brought out the best in Dprince but his individual tracks were -_____-.

If you are willing to listen to an album with great beats and careless for lyrics, i recommend Frenzy! but if you want something with lyrical content? Yeah.. keep it moving!