REVIEW: Banky W – R&BW


RELEASE DATE: 02/13/2013

The Way: This is a decent track, I like the reggae feel to it, if there was any track that Wizkid could have been featured on, this would be it but even without Wizkid on this track Banky still delivered.

Good Good Loving: This is a decent track. His delivery of this track was nice; I like how he flowed well with the beat, not too loud and not too shabby either. This track is better than some artiste’s whole album and this is one of my least favorite tracks on this whole album.

Magic ft Skales: I actually like this track, I would have rated it an 8 or 8.5 but then Skales started rapping and the points dropped. I personally feel Skales is a better singer than rapper; he should try to improve on his rap lines or stick to singing. His voice and his bars need to be worked on. Banky’s lyrics are nice as usual and the tempo of the song is just superb.

Find You: One of the deepest tracks on the album, I love the message, the beat, the tempo, the lyrics, his delivery… fact this track is one of my favorites on the album. Some of you people should be able to relate to this track IF you listen to the message and not just the beat. This track pretty much is telling you DO NOT SETTLE; real love is out there.

Yes/No: What is an R&B album without a P-setting track? One of the previously released singles from the album, and its reception was great, I like the song. One of those songs that you can use to set P, don’t be shy, serenade that P you have been eyeing with this song, or just tweet this song at her. Tell her AMB said to do it, she will fall for you.

Lowkey: One of the best tracks on this album, delivery is superb, message is awesome and the production is just sick. For those who said Banky cant sing, please listen to this track again. He also showed us that he has a lil bit of JayZ or should I say Drake in him, his rap is not bad at all, better than some so called naija rappers.

Do it to me: Up tempo, faster than his average track on this album, and he delivered too. I see a bunch you bumping your head hard at a red light while listening to this track, and its also about smashing so what’s there not to love? His mixture of Yoruba, pidgin and English is marvelous. Dope Track.

Be My Lover ft Niyola: I wont talk about Banky on the review of this track cuz as usual he delivers, instead I will focus on Niyola. I think she is one of EME’s biggest acquisitions, her voice reminds me of Tiwa Savage, this girl can SING. I definitely can’t wait for her single. She kept up with Banky’s

Say it ft Shaydee, Rotimi and Sammy: He brought it all the way down with this track and they delivered. This is a track meant for R&B artistes and he made the right selection of who to feature on this track. Rotimi, Shaydee and Sammy kept the tempo at the right level, they did their thing.

Past my Past ft Shaydee: Another slow tempo-ed track. Banky is cementing his place in the top 5 R&B artiste of our generation from Nigeria. Shaydee is a diamond in the rough, yall should watch out for that dude.

To My Unborn Child ft Lynxxx: This is by far my favorite track on this album. Banky delivered on this track, from the beat to the lyrics to the message. ITS TOO DOPE. I really am not a big Lynxxx fan but he tried, he tried to keep up with Banky on this one but you can tell that Khaki no be leather. You have to listen to this track to get what I’m saying. The beat is heavenly; you have to think when u listen to this track unless you don’t have a heart. This track deserves a 9/10 if I was rating each track individually.

African and Proud ft Vector, Sarkodie and the rest of Africa: I am not a big fan of featuring too many people on a track; it kills the song for me especially if they all wanna rap. This is an average track in my opinion, not Vector’s best feature; his verse was below average to me, he has delivered better verses. Sarkodie did what Sarkodie is known for, and the rest of the guys tried their best. The beat is not bad tho, if that’s a consolation.

Never Let Go: Another party song, fast and bound to make u shake your yansh a bit.

Good Good Loving Ft Tuface Idibia: Lets talk about Tubaba for a second here, is this guy gifted or what? He is not only talented but also a genius, I love what he did with his verse on this remix, and bigups to Banky for the foresight of featuring Tubaba on this one. Listening to 2face on this track makes you wonder if he breathes when he sings. Definitely a club banger and a hit too. Nice beat.

More ft M.I and Eldee: Featuring two of Nigeria’s rap bosses on this track took it to another level. Personally, this is one of M.I’s best verses on someone else’s song in a long time, Eldee on the other hand delivered his verse with so much swag u can feel it listening to the track. Definitely one of my top 5 tracks, this track would have scored a very high B or low A if I rated each track individually.

Mercy: I actually think I cheated this track because this is my second time listening to it compared to atleast 10 times for most of the other tracks. Lovely track, this is what Naija’s R&B supposed to be.

Overall this album deserves an ovation, Banky made it known that he still has it and The W Experience wasn’t a fluke. This is what we want out of Nigeria not the Glorified Noise most of these artistes call songs or albums. I rate this album 8.75/10. The album is solid but I know Banky can still improve especially when it comes to the people he features on his album. Wizkid not being on the album is no biggie for me because I don’t think there was room for him with the direction R&BW came from

– Amb_Noni