REVIEW: D’banj – D’Kings Men (DKM)


RELEASED – 06.24.13

Do U Feel (Intro): 8.5/10 this is such banging way to start an album. The beat is off the hook; I am actually feeling this intro. His delivery is not all that but the beat is nice. It sets the mood for the album, lets hope the rest of the tracks can keep up this tempo.

Don’t Tell Me Nonsense: 6.5/10 I remember when this track first dropped, To me this track makes no sense but it sure moves people on the dance floor because of the energy and the vibe that the beat brings to the table. It lacks content, which is some of the things I look forward to see from an artiste of over a decade.

Why You Love Me: 7.5/10 D’banj showed a little hint of the old D’banj we all fell in love with a couple of years ago on this track, the beat is not bad. Lyrics make sense, overall its a decent track

Nous Les Meilleurs (We The Best) ft Fally Ipupa: 8.5/10 From the beat, to the feature to even D’banj’s part, this track showed what D’banj is capable of as an artist, He really tried to keep up with Fally, although he did a better job as the hype-man on this track than with his verse. The lyrics of this track remind me of the ‘entertainer’ that D’banj actually is. I would love to see a video to this track.

Obimo (My Heart) Ft KaySwitch: 8/10 Let’s talk about KaySwitch for a second, He has improved so much, listening to him on this track puts a smile on my face because I remember when I used to criticize him as an opportunist who is only an artiste because of his brother, but i’m proud to say he has proved me wrong. Back to Banger Lee, he actually brought back his harmonica on this track.When you hear the sound of that Harmonica its like listening to a throwback song you havent heard for years. The unity in this song is strong, you listen to it and you feel like the DKM boys are ready to take this game to another level. Even though I feel KaySwitch should take credit for this whole track, it was good to hear D’banj Harmonica once again.

Finally: 6.5/10 Catchy song! Reminds me of D’Prince End up Loving Me and a little bit of Oliver Twist, only that this got a very beast dance floor feel to it. You can say this might be a bootleg Oliver Twist off this album, i can see people creating their own dance routines to this one if pushed the right way. This is for the average Nigerian music lover, they just want to party.

Blame it on The Money Ft Big Sean & Snoop Lion: 5/10 This is the MOST USELESS TRACK ON THE ALBUM. Lets not talk about the track’s lack of content, is it D’banj’s delivery we want to talk about, or is it the beat? The fact that Big Sean and Snoop agreed to be on this track still amazes me. First time i will hear Dbanj mention “Nigga” in a song. It felt off, because that’s not his way. Waste of studio time.

For Example: 8.5/10 Intro was sick, Kay switch proves me wrong again that he is not an opportunist and that he can grow or should I say “has grown lyrically”. From the beat, to his delivery, to the lyrics, he killed it. The track has a message and it was well delivered in the song. I would love a solo Kayswitch project.

Ibadie (Bounce) ft KaySwitch, Durella, Olamide & J.Sol: 5.5/10 Durella’s verse was a bit noisy but i was feeling the delivery,Baddo came through, J.Sol’s voice is not bad, I’ve heard better voices from Nigerian artistes but there is definitely room for improvement. Overall the song would have been better if they just reduced the noise a little. Average song.

Silver & Gold ft KaySwitch & J.Sol: 5/10 Their attempt at being RnB artistes failed woefully. They should have donated this track to Tuface or Brymo and the result would have been something different.

Scape Goat (The Fix) ft Kanye West: 6/10 He prolonged this remix so long when it dropped everyone was like bleh cos’ it didn’t matter anymore. This remix is somehow, Ye’ did his thing but I can confidently tell you that some Nigerian rapper would have done much better on this tune, i wont mention names. Towards the end of this song [right by that 2:54 mark]and you get to listen to the beat, the harmonica, D’banj singing and Don Jazzy’s supporting voice you just be like damn why did they ever break up??

Show My Logo: 6/10 I actually like this track, probably because KaySwitch is on it or because of the beat, but KaySwitch showed how versatile he can be with this track. He can improve on his notes but he sure did a good job on this track.

Oliver Twist: 9/10: When this song first dropped, many people thought it was plain sh*t. Then the dance competition thing came, and it went viral. The money reward brought the about alot of creative and funny dance steps to this tune. This song grew on us all because every time you want to watch a video of someone dancing to it, you have to listen to the song. Overtime it became a tune. Still a banging tune. Big ups to Don Jazzy on this one.

Ka Wo Soke (Hands Up) Ft Ikechukwu & Olamide: 6.5/10 Olamide on the hook is dope! The way he did it makes you wanna hit the club and find an endowed chick that will shake something to this song. D’banj’s delivery was on point. Ikechukwu did his thing, his lines actually went well with the title and concept of the song. Decent song overall.

Top Of The World: 7/10 – This is Banga Lee stepping out of his comfort zone, good attempt.

Money on My Mind: 7/10 – This is for the hustlers, something i know they’ll have on repeat.

First Of All (Remix) ft D’banj: 7.5/10 – D’banj tried on this one. He didn’t ruin the song. I like this remix. A video to this remix will make the song bigger than it is.

Cashflow ft KaySwitch: 5/10 We all know he has money, we know he is paid, but why he has to sing about it on all his track shows that he has nothing to offer. We don’t need to be remembered of his cashflow, remind us about what gave you the cashflow, sing songs, songs that make sense, not rubbish abeg.

Bachelor: 6/10 I think this song actually makes a bit of sense. He sings about being careful of deceitful women as a Bachelor. I like the beat, i like the message in it, i like his delivery. Still an average song which could have been better.

Trance ft Naeto C: 4/10 Another useless joint. What is this??? When a video dropped, with Naeto C and D’banj talking about recording this song, i was waiting for an extraordinary piece but this is simply dry, boring and lacks melody.

In Summary:

D’banj is an artiste of over a decade and this is an average album. I expect more from someone who has been in the game for that long. In D’banj’s case, his music has been downward sloping for a while now and i wonder how long that will continue happening. If it was a regular artiste that came up with this average stuff, i am sure most people will find it absolutely unacceptable.

Dbanj is an entertainer, he has dropped some hit tracks and I believe he can still do it, but he needs to focus on what the fans want, give good music, I guess that’s why he went into partnership with G.O.O.D Music but ironically since he signed that deal, he has released nothing but B.A.D Music. He needs to go back to the drawing board and give us what we want, give us what we are used to hearing from him during the Mo’Hit days. The people miss the melody of his music. The new school “I am trying to sound American” is very awkward and i am very sure even Americans cannot accept this.

This is his No’Hit days. I’m not saying he should or should not go back to Don Jazzy, but he should at least make some meaningful partnerships that will produce hits as an A list artiste and not rubbish. When he signed the so called G.O.OD music deal, we expected something much more spectacular from him, we thought he was going to be selling Africa to the world, we thought he would stand out and be unique instead of trying/struggling to copy the American style. The tone, the slangs, beats, singing about how much money they have, the delivery on each songs, and even concept of shooting videos, throwing money all over the place. That is why there is a distinct difference between the D’banj of today and Kayswitch because the latter never threw away his originality. As far as i am concerned, this album is as average as it gets. Nothing special at all, lacks originality. An artiste like D’banj by now should be able to handle a whole album alone without help IF HE WANTS TO, but i am afraid i cannot confidently say D’banj can pull something like that off if he got all the help he could on this one and still failed to deliver.