REVIEW: Iyanya – Iyanya vs Desire


RELEASE DATE: 02/07/2013

So I’ve had this album for a week or so now and I am just getting to do the review. I decided to wait a bit to do the review so I could listen to the album multiple times before typing up my review, ok that’s a lie, I’ve been really busy but here it is;

Bad Man ft M.I: 7.5/10 I like the beat of this song, his lyrics are nice as he describes how people hate on him and he at the same time is giving thanks to God, now M.I’s verse is just somehow, he sounded like he had hiccups at the beginning of his verse. M.I has not delivered a solid verse on any of his features lately, lets hope he is saving the dope lines for his album.

Ekaette: 7.5/10 I personally don’t like this song because it lacks content, but i see this song causing whahala on the dance floor. My favorite part of the track is when he mentioned all the other artistes starting from about the 2:00 minute mark…

Gasegbe: 5/10 This is one of the worst tracks on the album. WTheck is ‘gasegbe’. The track lacks content, the beat is dull, i don’t know what to even write about this track. All I have to say is gasegbe this track into the trash.

Marry Me: 6/10 Decent track.

Flavour: 7/10 “Omoge olosan gbe wa” ive seen that line on my TL a lot, ive even tweeted that line too, the song is catchy. The beat is nice and I can see ladies twerking to this on the floor; Overall good Party Song.

Limbo: 5/10 This track is nothing but NOISE, the beat, the lyrics and everything about it is just ‘ARIWO’. This track would have been better left off the album. He did not say anything that made sense on this track. Wasted beat in my opinion.

Whine ft May D: 6.5/10 I was expecting a massive banger here, the beat is nice, I was expecting MayD to deliver like he always does but that was not the case. Overall it’s not a bad track, Kudos to D’tunes on this track, great production.

Jombolo ft Flavour: 6.5/10 I really don’t know what to write about this track and ive promised not to be mean….But this another uptempo potential club banger, Flavour did his thing very well. #AfricanMusic!

Some More ft Yung L: 7.5/10 Now we are back to the Iyanya we know, this is not his best track on the album but this track is not bad at all. The beat is nice, his flow is good. I personally think a remix with Banky W will do justice to this beat. Yung L came through on this one, once again Kudos to D’tunes.

Your Waist: 7.5/10 I’ve caught myself singing along or even tweeting some lines from this song. Very catchy, it lacks content but what i’ve noticed about Nigerian music industry is, If you have no content, just give Nigerians catchy music then you’ll get paid big time.

I Gat it: 8.5/10 This is one of my favorite track on the album. This song make sense die, whoever wrote this song did an awesome job. I like how he threw a lil Spanish in there too. This is the “P setting” track on his album. Lovely beat, his delivery was awesome too.

Somebody ft Tiwa Savage: 8.5/10 TIWA SAVAGE’S VOICE IS SWEEEEEEEEEEEET, gosh that girl can sing, and to be featured on a this track is just magnificent. The beat was made for Tiwa, and Iyanya did keep up with Tiwa’s tempo I love this track.

Little Things: 8.5/10 when you talk about content, this track has the best content on this album. The track too make sense, I love his delivery, the beat, is it ironic that D’tunes made the beat? I definitely can relate to this track, in fact I dedicate this track to you. He def did his thing on this track.

Sexy Mama ft Wizkid: 8/10 It’s a known fact that Wizkid is talented, what amazes me is how he steps it up every time he is featured on a track. He def delivered on this track. Iyanya also kept up with him on this track, the beat is nice and fast just as Wizkid likes it. Goan listen to it if you haven’t. I know this is some people’s fav track on the album.

Kukere: 9/10 if you don’t know this track by now then u are not qualified to read this review, this is the track that threw Iyanya into the spotlight, lovely track, he def did his thing on this track. I love this track but I was mad when he made the video and put pregnant women in the video.. All the same Kukere is the Jam of Life.

Your Man: 7/10 this is that one night stand song, I actually like this song after listening to it a couple of times. The beat is nice the production is lovely also; The rap is also not bad.

Drowning: 6.5/10 when I first heard this song, I wanted to drown, the song sounded like noise to me, it still does but I know some of you like it. His verses and the beat feel like they are beefing, its not well produced, the tempo of the beat and the song are not synced.

Kukere Remix ft Daniel Banjo (D’Banj): 8/10 – I think the original should not have been tampered with. Legit production no doubt.

Bust My Brain: 7.5/10

After listening to the album a couple of times, I believe Iyanya has room to improve. He has good producers who supply him with great beats, some of the track are awesome but some were below par.

The album felt “Monotonous” as LordV put it in one of his tweets.

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– Amb_Noni