Safin De Coque ft Phyno – Nwafor | Biri Ka Mbiri


Akanite Darlington aka Safin De Coque is the second son of the late high life legend, Chief (Dr) Oliver de Coque signed with Dozage Records. A versatile artist, and a rapper with high life flavor, having learned the skill of words from his late father, Safin De Coque differentiates himself from all other Nigerian artistes by being consistent in producing music with good lyrical content. Safin De Coque is set to make his impact felt in the music industry by releasing two new singles “Biri Ka Mbiri” and Nwafor featuring Phyno. Biri Ka Mbiri is a remix of the popular song by his late father, but this time it’s a blend of old and new school, Biri Ka Mbiri is the song of the season. In Nwafor, Safin De Coque takes Igbo music to the next level, and since the release of the song, Nwafor has become a typical slang in describing the real and loyal citizens of any tribe. Download these two song and enjoy your day.

Safin De Coque ft Phyno – Nwafor


Safin De Coque – Biri Ka Mbiri