VIDEO: The Red Acapella – Ka Gava


The Red Acapella are the newest entrants to The East Africa Music scene,The red acapella undoubtedly on a mission to take East Africa & world music by storm has done so in their new single Gava’.Starting off as volunteers of The Kenya Red Cross Society during the post poll violence that erupted in 2008 the trio met in what they like to term, the weirdest and most peculiar way possible. In a bid to quell the wounds of the affected at The IDP camps, they would sing with no instrument only their voices and dance with them together and undoubtedly as they say, the rest was history. The Red Acapella which is a trio that specializes in Quality Music has released their hit single ‘Gava.’ Gava is a typical urban slang Kenyan word meaning Police. The song talks about how a guy or a lady has literally arrested the others heart like the way the police arrests someone. Someone   got your heart under lock and key! This new video was shot by Renowned Video director Enos Olik Who brings out the song in a unique and flawless heart throbbing style. Olik also, brings out the love story line of the song in a most captivating manner. The video is of impeccable quality and will definitely impress many!