ALBUM REVIEW: Olamide – Street OT


1. Oga Nla ft Pasuma & Lil Kesh: 7/10

Ok the intro is hard!

Olamdie is at his best when he tells his childhood story, the reason most of us fell in love with his music is because he came from nothing to something. There’s something about the rags to riches story, it’s sells 100% of the time. Lil Kesh came though on his verse with Pasuma on the hook, fantastic intro.

2. Zero Joy 8.5/10

Here you get to feel the title “Street OT”

The street will love this, speaks about his hustle. The street is all about the hustle and credibility, the hunger wanting more and more. “Asewo toh re mecca ati Asewo toh re malay, hustle kan na lo nse ojo kan lo ma pade” The main idea on this tune is he earned his position in the game and it’s perfectly ok for him to brag about it. Personally this is one of my favorite joint on the album with street written all over it.

This is the Olamide i enjoy listening to.

3. Blood Money 6.5/10

The production on this joint is top notch!

This track is like summary of Track 1 and 2 still on the fact that he started from the bottom and bragging about his status in the game. After this track it gets boring. Don’t get me wrong, this is an OK joint but you are repeating the same thing you said from track 1 and 2. We get it now can we talk about something else? Even though you got your message across in your previous albums but we’ll let this slide.

4.Ya Wa 7/10


No doubt Olamide knows how to deliver on his love songs, you almost can’t feel this song without a beautiful video to go with it. The production is just brilliant maybe Nic and Vinz should jump on this for the official remix since the producer sampled their “Am I Wrong” instrumental. Still on the fact that you need a beautiful video like Tiwa Savage’s – Ife Wa Gbona. (that village feel visuals) to compliment this joint.

Street Ninjas do fall in love too!!!

5.Hood Rap 8/10

Ahhhhhhhhhhh ok Olamide snapped on this one.

Street/hood music = fight music, Olamide did that here! “Love ur neighbor as yourself toh wa ninu bible le jo ola eh” The only reason he’s (Olamide) aka calm is because the bible says you should love your neighbor. The last time Olamide went this hard was on Voice on the Streets, he did it three times better here.

“Won ni werey lemi.. shaybe eyin le form cool cats meowwwww”

6. Real MVP – 5.0/10

After that previous fight music (hood rap) track, you need something danceable, production top notch but the lyrical content isn’t so enjoyable. Olamide could have done better on this top flight instrumental, feels like this was rushed. This is just average.

7. Up In The Club 6.5/10

“Aaaah Alhaja stop please don’t do it yahhhhhh”

A lot of sampling on this album so far here’s another sampled song featuring Viktoh.. No offense to YBNL boss he should have given Viktoh a bit more chance to deliver.

8. Skelemba ft Don Jazzy 6.0/10

I expected something better, if you going to team up with one of the dopest producer of our time (Don Jazzy) you better come through. This is average but will do good on the radio and clubs not because it’s a great song but it’s a Don Jazzy x Olamide collabo. Don Jazzy has recently been on the biggest hit songs out from Surulere, Dorobucci and Adaobi, Skelemba is not close to those songs.

9.Prayer for Client 6.5/10

“Money no go sweet if owu no dey”

You would expect this track to be about praying right? yeah he did pray for getting clients (shows) but then again went off the title. I don’t know about you guys but i was expecting him to pray about what he wants; he did and swerved over to telling us he was underrated and now he’s getting money. It gets boring when you have done that in multiple tracks before getting to Track 9, he should have titled this track “Money” instead of Prayer? just an idea.

Get your money up if you are Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa!!

On the real though “Money no go sweet if Owu no dey” that’s 100%

10. Batifeori 5.5/10

Mercy said no?

Mercy Johnson said no to Olamide? (because he didn’t have money then?) well this is another track with Olamide talking about what he talked about in track 1,2,4,8,9. LOL

11. Beng ft Chinko Ekun & Lil Kesh – 7.5/10

Bragging right in this dish, eat it!!!

Chinko Ekun and Lil Kesh schooled their boss on this, the flow, lyrics and of course production is first class. Whoever Chinko Ekun is will be a problem in the Nigerian music industry, he can rap.

12. Goons Mi 8/10

You want to know why this is even super dope? Critics made it clear that there would be no Olamide if Dagrin (R.I.P) was still alive, but he kept his cool and still working hard even though now he runs the Yoruba rap game. To top it all Lil Kesh under Olamide’s umbrella hit the spotlight with Shoki. This is a message to the critics that even if Dagrin was alive he will still make money if not from his music but from Lil Kesh.  Shoki is the latest viral song/dance out right now. He reminded us that God is the one blessing hustles not humans.


Yoruba rap @ it’s best.

It’s like this joint woke me up though!

13. 1999 7/10

One of those mellow Olamide songs that gets the humble side of you. A simple of story of humble beginnings and hard work paying off. Even though i think Olamide has used this concept over and over and needs new ideas, i still like this song. Enjoyable

14. Falina Ketan 6.5/10

Another album filler in disguise, just because it has a catchy melody to it. Nothing spectacular. However i have to say i enjoyed the “Aunty susie yeah” part. Hilarious.

15. In My Circle ft Phyno 8.5/10

Straight up hip hop. When these two guys come together, i don’t think they can ever make a weak joint. Incredible to see two indigenous rappers that speak completely different languages come together with a perfect understanding of their craft. Phyno came correct. Phyno is that rapper that can rap in a language you might not understand but with his delivery and the way he tries to blend his igbo lines with English, you can have an idea of what he is talking about. Another dope collaboration.

16. Alaaru – 5.5/10

Album filler once again. One of the songs that Olamide could have done without on this project. zzzzz

17. 100 to Million – 7/10

Good song no doubt, but once again, the grass to grace bants. Its getting boring at this point, just ruining the fact that the song is actually a good song. Makes you wonder, does Olamide have anything else to rap about? However Chinko Ekun went beast on this one. His flow is wild, his lines are good, his delivery is sharp. He definitely spiced this one up.

18. Story for the Gods – 7.5/10

I didn’t really like this song when Olamide released it at first, but it ended up growing on me. Turned to be one of those songs that turned into a slang that people use all the time. I still think think its an okay song

19. Hustle Loyalty Respect ft Reminisce – 9/10

Best song on the album, hands down. Everything about this song is near perfect. The hook, the tempo, the beat, the lines, everything. Reminisce came correct as usual, never disappoints. They both sound fresh, rode the concept of the song well. Something you can listen to with your squad. I love it.

20. Possible – 8.5/10

Every time i lay my hands on an Olamide Album, i usually scroll through for a song like this, where he flexes his muscles and tries to sing, and surprisingly he usually pulls it off. Esupofo in Baddest Guy Ever Liveth is another one. That smooth, mid-tempo song with distinct melody that can get you moving. You will love it.

21. Usain Bolt ft Lil Kesh, Chuka, Chinko Ekun – 8/10

Olamide decided to bring his boys together once again, for them to show their abilities on the mic and they all killed it. I have to be honest, i didn’t use to rate Lil Kesh, i always thought he got lucky with Shoki going viral, then i heard him over and over on this album. I must say i am pleasantly surprised. He delivered not just on this song but on every song he was on. Chinko Ekun was great too, got me wondering who he is and what more he got to offer.

22. Eni Sun – 7.5/10

Good song to wrap it all up. The beat is very hard, it would be very ridiculous if he didn’t come correct on this one. Too easy for a rapper of his caliber not to mess up. I would have loved to have someone like Reminisce to bless this one, either way, still a dope joint.

Overall i think there are some songs on this album that were unnecessary and shouldn’t have made the cut. I think there was a lot of repetition of concept, only thing changing was the beat; same story of “grass to grace”. An album with 12 to 15 solid songs is much better in my opinion compared to another with 22 songs buttressed with unnecessary album fillers, hence boring listeners to death with the repetition and inconsistency (From one dope song to an average one back and forth). That’s more reasons why a lot of people i have heard from didn’t really give positive feedbacks on this album. He sure needs new ideas. On the greener side, i can’t help but notice upcoming acts like Lil Kesh, Viktor, Chinko Ekun who impressed me greatly, the future of yoruba rap is bright. Overlooking all the concerns i have with this album, i think its good enough for me. Hopefully we won’t be having the same complaints on his next album.