Seyi Shay Signed to Wizkid’s StarBoy Entertainment?


Seyi Shay’s interview with ThisDay Newspaper:

In Nigeria, who will you love to work with?
I will love to work with Don Jazzy. He promised me a song. I think he is a genius and I will like to work with Yemi Alade.

As a person, what’s your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is not living to my fullest potential –that’s not living –and helping the world one way or the other; making an impact on the world. I feel like I’m a tool and I’m not using it –that’s a big fear for me; dying and not doing things for people.

Who is the living person you admire most?
They are so many oh! One of them is my big sister, Bunmi. Tina Turner. I admire Beyonce, DVF and Mitchell Obama.

If you are not doing music what will you be doing?

I would be in NASA; because I studied Quantum Physics.

What’s your state of mind right now?
I’m hopeful (as 2014 is over). I and Wiz have been talking about the Starboy thing. We are still negotiating. At my birthday he gave me the best party at Escape. So a big shout-out to Wiz. Wizzy is consistent. I have seen him work. Every day, he is in the studio working from morning till night.

When did you meet Wizkid?
We met in 2012 when he was working on the album he just released. He asked me to do some songs on his album and I said yes because I’m a fan of his. And this year we started talking about collaborating together more and doing more songs together then putting it out. So I’m now a Stargirl. God knows what will happen. January or February we would know where we stand.

Who shot the new video with Wizkid, Crazy?

The last video, Clarence Peters shot for me was ‘Raga raga.’ So I have a guy in my team called Meji Alabi and he is actually based in London. He made it cheaper for me to shoot. All he had to do was hire the camera. I gave him a guideline of what I wanted and he is so good he did it. He hired people from the circuit, legendary beats came out and Wiz for the shoot in London. He also shot Murda in Lagos. Everything came together very well and we used the same camera in Batman to do it. We wanted a good quality. We shot the video less, had a small team. We spent money on the camera