Dear Nigerian Artists, Put up a “SHOW Not Just An APPEARANCE”


As an African music lover, I can’t vividly stand up for the Nigerian artists that I’ve attended their concerts. Over the years I have attended different so called ‘concerts’ in Nigeria and club appearances of Nigerian artists. I can’t tell the difference between both because majority of these artists for the most part put up an appearance, scream on the Mic and keep it moving.

The average top Nigerian artist boasts about having multiple shows in a day, how do you please the fans when you have 4-5 shows in a day? Do you just perform and exit the event? do you even interact with the fans? do you respect the fans enough to chat with them before you leave the event? Event promoters should demand more from these artists so they don’t just come up on stage, spit on the Mic and then leave.

P-Square putting up a SHOW in Rwanda.

P-Square putting up a SHOW in Rwanda.

A lot of times I’ve seen and heard fans talk about how crappy a concert was. A huge number of Nigerian artists keep fans waiting for hours before making an appearance. During this wait, the fans are already contemplating leaving. I attended a concert last year where the fans got tired of waiting when asked where the artist was, we were told he was at his hotel getting ready to make an appearance. other times, the artist only makes an appearance for about 40mins lip syncing and screaming or talking instead of performing / entertaining. If you pay close attention sometimes you wonder if they even had any form of rehearsals before the show. But hey,  what’s there to practice if you’re just going to scream over the mic right? 

 Since you don’t make money from  your album sales, you must put up a show for the fans or else the fans will get tired and not show up at your events. There are already cases where some people would rather go clubbing elsewhere than show up at a Nigerian artist concert.

The fans own you, things are changing the fans have a voice now.  So you have to please your fans or you’ll become irrelevant and your endorsement deals won’t save you because the fans will no longer be interested in you.

Promoters & fans, demand these artists to Put up a “SHOW Not Just An APPEARANCE”