The King of Commercial Music: Not Wizkid, Olamide or Davido


Commercial music in this scenario is a song that nabs you to the dance floor. In Nigeria, when you talk about commercial music then we are talking about club bangers.

Who is really that artist that can own the party scene with his/her music, that artist you always want to listen to because at the end of the day the dance floor is yours. Feature these artists if you need the spotlight on you, it’s left to you to follow up with a banger.

If you can create a smash single talking about Love, Sex, Church, Cities, Politics all In Your Bed then you can make anything hot. Some might not believe this but Wizkid fell a tiny bit, he got too comfortable, carried away with his current achievements, maybe some twitter beef or he just isn’t trying anymore. 2-3 years back, he might have been #1, right now he is ranked #5 and even though there is nobody else fit to take this spot from him right now, i am not sure it would remain the same in another 3 years. Lets hope he won’t decline any further for the sake of good music.

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