Fans react after Davido’s poor performance in Kenya


Nigerian artists won’t listen. Turns out Davido was billed to perform in Kenya on the 28th of March last month (while the election was taking place). Speaking in an interview before the performance he said he had already been billed and because the election was moved the dates just happened to coincide. During this interview, Davido’s voice was terrible when asked if he would be able to perform he said he only needed to rest and would be ready to deliver.

Well, looks like that didn’t happen. Moments after the show, Kenyans took to twitter to express their disappointment. Like we said in one of our previous posts Dear Nigerian Artists, Put up a “SHOW Not Just An APPEARANCE” , times are changing the fans have a say now. Nigerian artists need to go back to the drawing board or just settle with ending up as “Ray J the club hype man”.


Here are few reactions from the fans


davido4 davido3

davido5davido2 davido1


Here is the interview from the night before the concert: