Shina Rambo: Wizkid is not the King of Nigeria


HIPTV caught up with Shina Rambo to find out what he has been up to and what he has coming up soon. According to Shina Rambo, he is planning to release a solo album with collaborations with the likes of Oritse Femi, Ice Prince, BRed, Davido, and is working on international collaborations as well. He also conformed that he is currently in a relationship ( sorry ladies, for those of you that care).

Sometime last year, Akon’s brother made a comment saying “Wizkid is the king of Nigeria” Shina Rambo commented “LMAO”. When asked why he made the comment, he stated that the he found the statement funny and only laughed because Wizkid isn’t the King of Nigeria. He said we are allowed to call him King of Afro pop or whatever we please but, “Wizkid is not the King of Nigeria”.


Here’s the video below, share your thoughts