Vigil for #Garissa New York City | Saturday April 11th | #AfricanLivesMatter


Came across this earlier today, i won’t be in New York but if you’re in NY please participate.

Thank You

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Hello Dear Friends,

On April 2nd, 2015, Gunmen struck Garissa College in Kenya and killed 148, most of whom included college kids. They were gunned down in cold blood, others had their throats slit, while others were taunted , made to call relatives via phone, who were also taunted and made to hear their kids being killed.

There was brief global reaction for a day or so, then all went quiet.

Last year, hundreds of school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria, many were raped, others killed in a horrific manner, and likewise, there was brief global reaction before silence.

On January 7th this year, French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists, who killed 11 . The uproar around the world was almost unlike any seen before. Heavy media attention was drawn to the incident , resulting in a reported 3.5 million people march. Presidents from all over the world flew to France to March in solidarity with the French people. This is indeed commendable and a great cause . I would just like to humbly bring to your attention that around the same time, from Jan3rd to Jan 7th, Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria went on a killing spree and are reported to have killed thousands in the town of Baga, Nigeria.

There was barely any media play, and barely any presidential solidarity march.

The humble question many Africans and friends would like to ask is , Do African Lives Matter? Even the slaughter of kids does not warrant a single presidential visit to an African country to march in solidarity?

With that in mind, I would like to humbly invite you, a highly esteemed President , to come show solidarity with us in a vigil to show that African Lives Matter. Please be a voice for the helpless college kids gunned down and butchered, for the school girls kidnapped. All requested is your presence at Union Square, this Saturday April 11th 2015. The goal is not for 3.5 million voices of support, but humbly anyone who can vigil with us.

Would really especially appreciate presence of college students, to show solidarity with the Garissa students whose lives were cut short for absolutely no reason at all.

At the vigil we will provide information on how you can contribute to the relief efforts and more. Thank you in advance


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