Let’s meet “POE” | Supreme Mavin Dynasty newest Rapper


LadiPoe “POE” Eso the newest member of the Mavin Records was interviewed by the good guys at AHHB few years ago. According to the man he said to AHHB:

“I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s my home. My family, for the most part, is here. But I didn’t discover ‘my music’ until I was in school. ‘Till college. I had made friends with this called Jeff, and he played me some beats and for some reason I asked if I could write to them. You have to understand, that I had zero experience making music. I was the one growing up that would jot down Naughty by Nature verses and recite them like they were mine. So it was bizarre for me to ask Jeff to lemme write to his beat. I guess I was just moved by what I heard Most of us know in affiliation to the Show Dem Camp hiphop group.”

For the most part he was in affiliation with the Show Dem Camp hip hop group, here’s how his mom linked him up with the group:

I was back home. Graduated and all that. But I had this desire to make music and get into it seriously. She knew this lady who had a son that was into music already. So she linked us up. That’s how I met Tec from SDC. I played him Hip Hop Anonymous, one of projects with LEQ. He played me Dreamer featuring M.I. It was a done deal!

He invited me round to the studio and I met with Ikon, one of the dopest producers I’ve met. SDC really gave me a platform. Even though I’m not a member of the rap group, they still made me feel like family. In fact I am. One of the founders of SDC is my cousin. I just didn’t know it at the time.

The only concern hip hop fans might have with POE being on a record label that pushes pop stars is if he’s headed that direction to make commercial music, my verdict is Don Jazzy is a great producer and i don’t see him driving POE out of the hip hop scene plus Nigerian hiphop needs financial backing and this might be the beginning of an hip hop era in the Nigerian music industry.

Congrats to POE and Mavin Records!!!