The Gratitude (COZA) – RabaBaba Eh


You may have heard this on your radio, or you may have seen the #RabaBaba Eh on Twitter. It’s the official release of the first single by The Gratitude titled “Rabababa-Eh”, a music group formed in 2016 by the leadership at The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). After a rigorous audition, training and selection process conducted by Tye Tribbett and Tim Godfrey, a 16 member group was formed and then The Gratitude was birthed. Since then, they have written many hits, which they have performed around the world including; South Africa, Dubai and UK. The song emphasizes on the need to pray, consists of a blend of rap, trap and soul.

The Gratitude (COZA) – RabaBaba Eh


  • Tokunbo Alaran

    Done excellently well! Pray in tongue is it!