VIDEO: Saeon Moruda – Rebirth


“Rebirth” was written and produced to capture my death to self and renewal. I believe every individual has more than one life characterized by stages thorough we only advance after having learned the lessons each stage teaches. When we graduate to a new stage, we die to former self and are reborn, shedding off former mindsets, characteristics etc till we get to the last stage, our final and physical death. Produced by Dwill and Co Produced by SAEON MORUDA, Rebirth is the perfect fusion of Alternative and Rap Music, filled with conviction and self realization that takes the listener through SAEON MORUDA’s self rediscovery.

“REBIRTH” a film by Kelechi Okoro

Featuring SAEON MORUDA Darnell Twinn Candice Joy

Music by SAEON MORUDA and Dwill co-Producer Kelechi Okoro
Edited by Fiyin Bakare and Panache

Director of photography Elliot Barnes Executive Producers SAEON MORUDA and Koch Okoye

Story by SAEON MORUDA and Kelechi Okoro
Produced By David Shalkey directed by Kelechi Okoro