The Imminent Effect of loud Music on Lagos Inhabitants


It is a common practice to see people swaying to the beat of the music emitting from loudspeakers in parties. Music in its purest form is beautiful and a great tool for reformation. In reverse, the effects of “loud” music can be quite harmful.

Loud music is not just related to speakers, it is also peculiar to mobile phones. Often times, people often disregard the pop up on their phone screen which warns them about the volume of an audio file. Listening to a song at a high volume using earplugs, headset or blazing speakers is not the best for one’s auditory health.

Decibel(dB) is a unit that is used to measure the intensity of a sound. Sounds ranging from 85 dB and above can cause harm to the auditory organs. Music played at a high volume becomes noise.

Noise itself is quite unpleasant due to the degree of loudness characterised by it. Noise above the normal decibels is capable of perforating one’s ear membranes which can lead to temporary hearing loss.

Lagos parties, more often than not, are characterised by loud music and food.This blaring music emitted by speakers disturbs others in the same vicinity of the party like residential houses in Lagos.

In Lagos, there are various sources of noise ranging from the regular owanbe, cars honking in traffic, religious institutions, machineries of industries, construction activities, generating set and many more.

Consistent exposure to loud music can lead to sleep disturbance, decreased work efficiency, high blood pressure,hearing impairment, stress, headaches, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. This is why it is particularly important to know where to buy a property in Lagos.

Constant clubbers have had to admit to lingering sounds in their ears long after they have left the club.

There are varying techniques to manage the noise in the city of Lagos.

Plant a tree
Planting a tree helps to manage noise by serving has a sound barrier. Plus with a tree helps with the added advantage of clean air as the tree releases oxygen as a by product.

Use earmuffs
Earmuffs help to block out the noise itself. By placing the earmuffs on your ears you protect your auditory sense from noise or cold.

Lubricate of machineries
Lubricate your machineries in order to prevent wear and tear which often makes machines to make more noise when operated by a user.

Regulated sound
Ensure you regulate the sound by not listening to songs on your playlist past the advised range of 85 dB and above. Consistent exposure to noise will have a negative effect on your health.

Pick the right house
It is better to reside in a residential area than an industrial area. Eko is often characterised with a lot of bustle and hustle. Living in the right house is the best way to escape the noise of the city.

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Abuse in itself takes away the beauty of music. Let’s enjoy music the right way!